My Drains are smelly

“My Drains are smelly”

Smelly Drains can be handled fast by a professional. There are simple signs to look for before you call us which include

Ensure your bathroom/Kitchen sink traps are full of water. If the traps are dry, bad odours will enter your property. A badly installed drainage system can cause the water to be sucked out of the trap. This can be fixed.

f you are not using the Sinks/Shower/Bath for long periods of time, this will cause the traps to dry out.

If you have blocked traps, this can also cause bad odours. Ensure the trap is removed carefully, dismantled and cleaned before reinstalling. If you have any doubt, call a professional.

If this has not solved your bad odour smell, you may have cracked or misaligned drain pipes which are causing smells to enter the property. We can conduct a few tests on the drainage system to determine this. Call today for more information.

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