I have a blocked drain that I can’t clear

“I have a blocked drain that I can’t clear”

Sometimes the blockage is more serious and requires an expert to unblock your drain. If you have tried to rod the blockage clear and the drain is still blocked, there are a number of causes for this which could be…

  • The drain you are rodding is not the start of the problem. You may need to locate further drains.
  • The drain might be blocked with wet wipes or debris
  • The drain might have collapsed or misaligned.

If this is the case, no amount of rodding will clear the blockage. Our engineers would then make attempts to clear the blocked drain using a high pressure jetting system which will blast the blockage away. We also have use of pumps and tanker lorries for extreme cases. When the blockage is cleared, we can the assess the drainage system using the latest self leveling camera equipment which is fully recordable.

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