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Purple Drains Team has over 50 years of experience Unblocking drains in London.

We Unblock Drains in London, Kitchen drains in London, Blocked sinks in London, Blocked Toilets in London, Blocked Gutters in London, and any Drainage related blockage.

Our friendly team is available 24hrs in London, Ready to take your call. We operate 7days a week in and around London working on Domestic homes and Commercial premises.

If your drains are Blocked, We can help. We also investigate bad smells and Leaks.

Drain Cleaning London

We are a family run business, we have over 50 years experience in drains cleaning. We have the latest camera and Jetting equipment. All our vans are equipped with Jetting equipment. No unblock, no fee policy, all drain repairs are covered by our Guarantee. We work in and around LONDON, we operate 24-7. Our vetted engineers are available to resolve your problems. Full Public Liability insurance up to £5m.



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    • Toilet Unblocking Londo
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    • Drain Survey
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    • New Installs
    • Slow Draining Sinks
    • Drain Smells
    • Pest Control
    • Drain Lining
    • Tanker Work
    • Smelly Drains

    Areas we cover

    • London
    • Tonbridge
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    • Tenterden
    • Rochester
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    • Faversham
    • Tunbridge wells
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    If you are suffering with constant blocked drains in London, ask yourself why? Drains rarely block up In London as they are designed to carry waste effectively, if installed correctly.


    The no.1 issue for drain blockages in London is user error. Be mindful what you are flushing in your toilet. Flushable wipes do not exist. If there is an underline issue with your drainage system, these will attack on the drain pipe and cause a blockage.

    Drains can also become blocked when using

    • Wet wipes/Baby Wipes
    • Large amounts of loo role at one time
    • Condoms
    • hand towels/thick paper
    • building materials

    Our latest Camera equipment can determine the cause of a reoccurring blockage in your drain pipes to stop them frequently blocking up. Don’t suffer with a Blocked Drain in London, call one of our friendly team for advice.